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You’ve found the ideal place if you’re seeking online reviews of the top resume writers.

The top 8 best resume writing services that we endorse are highlighted below, including:

  • The top inexpensive professional resume writer
  • The top three mid-level options for hiring a writer to write your resume
  • The top two premium services for writing executive resumes
  • The best resume writer for executives, managers, and leaders in Silicon Valley and technology
  • How to choose: Which resume writing service is ideal for you?

Best Affordable/Low-Cost Resume Writer:

Top Resume

The best online resume writing service for those on a tighter budget is TopResume, which is endorsed on more than 5,000 employment websites. Their services start at just $149 and feature a monthly payment option as well.

Even though it’s possible to discover even more economical resume writing services, particularly on freelance websites like Fiverr or Upwork, this is the least expensive, most affordable option that we’d trust or suggest.

The issue with extremely low-cost resume writing services is that generally speaking, they are just not worthwhile below a certain price point, and you run the danger of working with a writer who is inexperienced or unqualified to understand what hiring managers want to see on a CV.

With a price of just $149, TopResume is the least expensive and most affordable resume writing option on our list.

Last year, I spoke on the phone with a vice president from TopResume, and he talked me through their procedure. Moreover, it is incredibly thorough considering the cost.

When you place an order, a professional resume writer is assigned to you directly. To guarantee they produce what you require, they will discuss the project with you, primarily via email.

In order to offer information and ensure that you receive the best resume for you, you will communicate back and forth with this resume writer. This process typically takes 7 to 10 days. There are no surprises at the end thanks to the back and forth contact, and you receive a document that you are happy with.

Additionally, they provide a satisfaction guarantee, under which they’ll make modifications or edits if necessary.

Therefore, our resume service is perfect for anyone on a tight budget who yet desires a professional-looking record that will pass applicant tracking systems and “wow” an employer.

View TopResume’s resume writing services here

Free Resume Review Tool:

Even if you’re not sure you want to hire a professional resume writer just yet, Top Resume also provides a free software-based resume evaluation tool that you may use. Use this link to access it:

resume review tool

Best Mid-Range Resume Writing Service (Option 1 of 3): JobStars USA

Job Stars

For entry-level positions up to executive levels, JobStars USA offers professional resume writing and career coaching services. They are excellent and versatile (and very experienced).

Their entry-level package is $450.

View JobStars USA’s Services Here

They also offer a resume “refresh” service:

Many job seekers question who I suggest for just updating or upgrading their current résumé. They already have a résumé in progress, but they want assistance from a professional resume writer. For all levels, JobStars USA offers a wonderful service for this that includes:

  • Converting material to an ATS-friendly format
  • Enhancing and editing material
  • Including current employment

Therefore, the above service is an excellent option if you have an older resume that you think is good but could use an update and has to be updated to incorporate your most recent position(s).

Best Mid-Range Resume Writing (Option 2 of 3): Let’s Eat, Grandma

Let’s Eat, Grandma is one of the top resume services for the majority of job searchers and an award-winning professional resume writing service.

They aspire to remain at the top of the quality spectrum when it comes to writing mid-range resumes while yet keeping their resume services inexpensive for the bulk of job seekers.

I advise Let’s Eat, Grandma unless you’re looking to pay $1,000 or more and expressly require an executive resume.

Speaking with the founder, Chris Villanueva, a Certified Professional Resume Writer, I discovered that we completely concur on all matters relating to writing resumes, job searches, and career guidance.

You may find a breakdown of the writing services and packages offered on the Let’s Eat, Grandma website.

Package prices at the time of writing are $399 to $649.

Let’s Eat, Grandma is one of the best resume writing solutions to consider if your budget falls within the aforementioned range.

All packages come with a cover letter, and more expensive packages also come with a LinkedIn profile and a manual for outreach emails.

On their website, you can also get a free resume review, see examples of actual resumes they’ve created for job seekers, and learn more about how they write resumes.

Best Mid-Range Resume Writing Service (Option 3 of 3): CV Labs

Ana Lokotkova, a Canadian career and resume writing specialist who runs CV Labs, provides skilled resume writing services for a reasonable price.

She uses a basic, practical method to develop a resume/CV and job search plan that will provide results without requiring pointless procedures or wasting your time.

In addition to providing resume writing services that will get past applicant tracking systems used by employers, CV Labs also provides services for writing cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and more.

Professional resume packages start at CAD $575, which at the time of writing is equivalent to USD $455.

Details and packages/options are available here.

Ana is on our list of the top career and interview coaches and she also gives coaching.

Best Executive Resume Writing Service (Option 1 of 2): Virginia Franco Resumes

Best Resume Writing Services

Professionals with a larger budget ($1,000+) can acquire certified professional resume writing services from Virginia Franco.

She also draughts professional bios, cover letters, and LinkedIn pages.

Although we are aware that this is not the case for most job seekers, we would recommend her to those with huge budgets (services start at $925 and go much higher).

Virginia Franco is a terrific option, but, if you’re an extremely seasoned professional or executive who wants a resume, LinkedIn profile, or professional bio prepared.

At this level, hiring a Certified Professional Resume Writer who has experience working with high-level professionals is worth the extra money.

View rates and services here

Best Executive Resume Writing Service (Option 2 of 2): Briefcase Coach

What distinguishes this business as a top resume writing service? Similar to myself, Sarah Johnston of Briefcase Coach is a former recruiter who has first-hand knowledge of what employers seek in a resume.

Her services are on the more expensive end of the spectrum in terms of cost and are most suitable for an expert or someone with a budget of $750-1,000 or more. She is a great option if you meet that demographic.

She does provide resume writing for fresh graduates and offers wonderful extras like a personalized cover letter.

This is definitely suitable for someone who is at least a few years into their job or wants to pay for a really high-end resume service, though, due to the cost.

Additionally, Sarah’s business provides a specialist service for writing academic and medical resumes. Therefore, I suggest using her writing services if you require that kind of professional assistance. Instead of employing a general resume writer in this instance, it’s crucial to find someone who is familiar with the subtleties of this specific form of paper.

View services here

Best Resume Writer for Silicon Valley/Tech Managers and Executives: Kyle Elliott

There is one more resume writer I highly recommend if you fall into his target demographic in addition to the resume services discussed above.

I suggest Kyle Elliott of Caffeinated Kyle if you’re a senior manager, director, or executive for a Silicon Valley or tech company.

When it comes to assisting job seekers with the creation of their resumes, Kyle adopts a distinctive approach from other expert resume writers.

Instead of producing your CV for you, he supports you in rethinking, rebuilding, and redesigning your story by using what he terms a “co-creation” method.

His approach to producing resumes aids in your better understanding of who you are, your professional history, and your unique qualities (or as he likes to say, what makes you fabulous).

Kyle has a history of assisting customers in securing positions at Meta, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and all the other major tech companies, in addition to countless hyper-growth startups.

Kyle’s resume writing services are a great option if you need more in-depth assistance than a standard professional resume service can offer and if you want someone to serve as an advisor and coach in your job search. He is one of the resume writers I have long suggested.

Kyle can assist you with your LinkedIn profile and cover letters as well.

In addition to his resume writing services, Kyle also provides career coaching services, which may be a fantastic fit if you’re not sure what you want to do for a livelihood or are actually experiencing professional stagnation.

View services here

Best Affordable CV Writing Service for UK/EU: StandOut CV

There are significant formatting and expectations between a US resume and a European or British CV since I have recruited in both the US and Europe.

Therefore, if you need a CV for the UK/European job market, you might want to pay for writers who are knowledgeable about the nuances of the format and have experience writing for that market. For instance, while I never advise including a photo or headshot on a US resume, it is sometimes acceptable on a European CV.

Therefore, I suggest the British business StandOut CV for this market.

They appear to be the best and most reasonably priced CV writing service for markets outside the US.

Standout CV resume services

How to Decide: Which Resume Writer is Best For YOU?

In the aforementioned professional resume writing reviews, we made an effort to provide a variety of price ranges and possibilities. But if you’re still hesitant or curious about how to discover the greatest resume writer for your particular situation, here’s what I suggest:

I’d suggest TopResume if you’re in your first ten years of employment and don’t want to spend a lot of money because it’s reasonable, they’ve created thousands of resumes, and they have an excellent, tested procedure.

You can browse the other choices on the list and check which resume writers seem to fit your background and level if you have a little more experience (and money to invest).

Additionally, even though most resume services will offer all of these add-ons, be sure to conduct your homework on the resume service to ensure they can handle everything you need (cover letter, LinkedIn, etc.).

Finally, before making a choice, be sure to express any concerns you have and to ask questions.

Request samples. Find out if there is a guarantee of an interview. Ask for references. Inquire about their experience in your specific sector. See if they have a professional-looking LinkedIn page.

When choosing a resume writing service, don’t be hesitant to inquire! This is a critical choice that will have a big effect on your career.

The Risks of Going With Ultra-Cheap Resume Writing Services

We’ve listed a few reasonably priced resume writing services above, and we feel comfortable suggesting them since they have a solid methodology, talented authors, and capable management and leadership who have the experience needed to produce the greatest resumes.

While it may be tempting to pay to acquire a new CV for less than a night out at a restaurant, we don’t advise it. If you search long enough online, you can discover even more affordable professional writers – sometimes for $50 or less.

The issue is that because you’re paying so little, many resume services can’t put much time or effort into your resume. (These are businesses, right, and they want to turn a profit.)

The resume service will therefore complete the least amount of work while probably paying its resume writers very little (and maybe lacking the qualifications and knowledge to deliver good work).

They could be unable to produce a résumé that satisfies hiring managers’ needs or evades application tracking systems. (Especially if they haven’t hired or recruited someone before).

Therefore, even though you might save $50 to $100, the goal will be defeated because your updated resume won’t gain you interviews.

You’ll start earning thousands of dollars as soon as you land a new position. Therefore, when you pay to have a professional resume done, I advise doing it as an investment rather than as a loss of money.

Paying for a resume (and maybe a cover letter) should only be done if it will help you develop your career or obtain a better job.

To be successful in your job hunt or land your ideal job is the entire reason for paying to have a professional resume written. To save $50, you don’t want to sabotage it. By doing this, you may be confident they can assist you in finding your ideal work or helping you succeed in your job hunt rather than just taking your money.

So keep that purpose in mind, heed the advice above, and pick the ideal resume writer for your budget, circumstances, and professional level!

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