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Coronavirus prevention and care
The corona virus epidemic is becoming part of our lives. The World Health Organization has also made it clear that the corona epidemic is not going to end so soon. In such a situation, it is important to find ways to keep this disease away from ourselves.

New Delhi: Corona virus has been researched so far. It shows that this virus is also a virus that spreads like the common flu. That is, it is slowly going to engulf everyone. Measures like social distancing, quarantine, lockdown cannot last long.

Gotta learn to live with corona
At the moment it is not possible to drive away Corona, so we all have to make a habit of fighting this disease. As much research has been done about this disease so far. They are all still in their infancy. In such a situation, the question arises that how people who are recovering by beating Corona are achieving success.

Corona runs away from ayurvedic steam
According to the information given by the AYUSH unit of the National Health Mission, the home remedy of AYUSH is very effective in removing dry cough and sore throat. If you boil fresh mint leaves and black cumin seeds in water and steam them even once a day, it gives a lot of relief. It has been proved scientifically that steam is very beneficial for the lungs. The lungs can easily be cleared of infection by taking steam.

Steam is better even after corona infection
Doctors say that if any person moves steam inside their lungs three to four times in 24 hours, then the virus becomes weak. This means that if the corona infection has reached anyone’s lungs, then it can be controlled to a great extent by taking Ayurvedic steam.

Steam is also necessary for corona free people
It is not at all necessary that steam is taken only after the corona is formed. Steam can be taken even without corona. If even such ordinary water is heated and steam is taken inside the lungs, then the risk of getting infected by corona is reduced to a great extent.

His fear is killing people more than Corona
Lack of knowledge about Corona virus and all kinds of misconceptions and rumors are making this disease more frightening. There is no way to fight the corona which is far from the reach of the common man. You just have to make changes in your lifestyle to eradicate the corona virus. The good thing is that drinking the traditional food of India is proving extremely helpful in fighting the corona virus.

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