Get Your Job Application Noticed

Get Your Job Application Noticed If you’re thinking, “How can I stand out from other job applicants online? if so, this essay is for you.

YoYou’lliscover 9 unique (and highly efficient) techniques in the next ten minutes that will help you stand out whenever you submit an online application for a job.

One of the BEST methods to apply for a job is the first strategy I’m going to share with you, and I’ve seen individuals have excellent success with it.

I’ll go through that strategy first, and then I’ll give you 8 additional strategies to stand out and be seen while applying for jobs online.

Let’s get going…

How to Get Your Job Application & Resume Noticed: Creative Ways to Apply for Jobs

1. The “Value Video Method”

You will stand out from other job seekers if you use this strategy, which many people I know have used with tremendous success.

With this approach, you’ll complete all the steps you would notypicallyomplete in a traditional job application (such as emailing your CV and providing the necessary information)…

The extra step is to make a 30- to 60-second film explaining the following when you apply to a company:

  • Why did their firm or employment attract you? (e.g. why you chose to apuseYour contribution to the position and how you could benefit them (e.g. why they should hire you)

Give the second section more time. You can describe your abilities, prior experiences, successes, what you accomplished in a comparable capacity for your previous employer, etc. That ought to be the major priority.

Then, post it on YouTube as an “unlisted” video. That way, unless you provide someone the direct link, they won’t be able to find it.

Additionally, when you submit your application for the job, include a brief statement with it that reads something like this: “I made a one-minute video to briefly highlight what I can bring to this role and how I can help your team. Here’s where to watch it: LINK.”

Here’s an example of what to say in your “Value Video”:

Hi there!

My name is Raj. I was on your website and saw you’re looking for a <Job Title>, and I wanted to send a quick video to share a couple of unique things I can bring to this role. I took a look at your job description and it sounds like you need ___ and ___. I have a background in ___ and have been doing this for X years. Most recently, I helped XYZ Company do ___ and ___. I have a few ideas I could share based on your job description that I think would help you, too. If any of this sounds interesting, I’d love to set up a time to talk on the phone! Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Get inventive, modify this sample for your needs, and use it to make a statement whenever you submit an online job application.

Obviously, this won’t work everywhere. In my experience, the aforementioned method performs best for start-ups, smaller companies, etc. However, it could not be effective when applying for positions with the government, with big firms, and with well-established companies in sectors like banking and finance, etc.

Continue reading if this approach doesn’t seem to apply to your field or line of work. In the next section, I’ll discuss 8 more strategies for getting your CV seen without sending a video.

2. Use networking instead of applying “cold”

This is one of the best strategies to not only get your job application noticed but also maybe avoid the entire hiring process.

It would be a grave error not to use networking in your professional life.

Building your network will help you be noticed by hiring managers and employers if you are introduced to them directly by people they know.

Depending on the size/structure of the organization, you might not even have to go through the torturous online application procedure.

Therefore, always engage your network while also seeking new connections. This article contains some initial stages.

3. Always tailor your resume

Most individuals are unaware that correctly designing your CV just takes 5–10 minutes. Additionally, it significantly improves your ability to stand out while applying online.

Recruiters and hiring managers, you see, skim through resumes rapidly. If you capture their interest, they’ll read more, although the average first peeks lasts only 8 to 10 seconds.

Therefore, if you don’t adapt your resume, people won’t immediately notice compelling, relevant information and may go on.

It’s acceptable if you have never customized a resume before or if this doesn’t yet make sense to you. You only need to read this post to understand exactly how I advise proceeding.

Overall, one of the best things you can do for your career and job hunt is to customize your CV.

4. Introduce yourself to people and organizations before they’re hiring

Sending emails and making contact with businesses, even if they don’t have any relevant jobs available, is the next approach to avoid competition and get your job application noticed.

Particularly growth-stage businesses are continuously on the lookout for excellent employees. Even if they weren’t seeking someone with your skill set this year (because they know they’ll need you in the near future), they might be willing to hire you if they like you enough.

Each year, INC releases an “INC 5,000 list” featuring the 5,000 US companies with the fastest growth rates. This is a fantastic resource for finding businesses to email and connect with.

5. Let the hiring manager know you’re interested and direct them to your application

After submitting your application, think about contacting the recruiting manager (via LinkedIn, email, etc.)

Finding the hiring manager’s name won’t always be possible, but if you can, it can help your job application stand out.

Avoid being forceful and sending a lengthy message. Instead, give them two or three sentences outlining your application, quickly outlining why you’d be a great fit, and asking them if they concur with your opinion that this may be a fantastic fit.

This will set your application apart from those of the competition and increase your likelihood of gaining an interview.

6. Follow up after applying

This is similar to the process above, however after submitting an online job application, you can also follow up with someone else at the business (such as an HR representative). Just provide enough time for the employer to respond to your initial application (5-7 days minimum).

However, it won’t harm to follow up later to make sure they receive your application and draw their attention to it.

Don’t contact anyone else at the organization, as many recruiters may advise you to do, but they usually only mean this to protect their own job (and protect the commissions that they earn).

Even while I don’t believe that a company owes you a response if they weren’t interested in your application (in contrast to after an interview, when they do and you should follow up more aggressively), I still believe that it can’t harm to attempt this.

Why not follow up if this is your dream company or position in order to increase the visibility of your application and your chances of being seen and noticed?

7. Find a great recruiter to work with

You shouldn’t base your entire job search on recruiters. They locate qualified candidates for jobs, not people for jobs. It’s fundamentally different, therefore make sure you read that sentence again to ensure its accuracy.

Finding one or two reputable recruiters who are knowledgeable about your industry, however, might help your application be seen and seen by more hiring managers (and sooner!)

Here is a comprehensive post on hiring managers and what to anticipate from them.

8. Have a stand-out LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for getting a job, both by networking and applying directly to positions using Easy Apply.

A solid LinkedIn profile is a terrific tool for self-promotion and will increase the visibility and consideration of any applications submitted through this site.

Additionally, even if you applied elsewhere, more and more hiring managers are still looking at your LinkedIn profile (like their website, a job board, etc.)

Therefore, even while your application might be seen without a strong LinkedIn, if you’ve neglected your LinkedIn page, you’ll still be missing out on interviews.

Here are 5 LinkedIn profile tips I can offer as a recruiter to assist you with this. And here is everything you should include in each component of your LinkedIn profile.

9. Send a unique cover letter

It is a fallacy that every online application for employment requires a cover letter. You can omit the cover letter if the company hasn’t requested it, you don’t know the recruiting manager, and you weren’t referred by someone in your network.

However, a cover letter is another tool you may use to make your online application stand out if you are exceptionally skilled at writing them or if you have a fascinating tale to share that can’t be expressed in your CV.

I recommend keeping your cover letter reasonably brief, though. In my experience, the full-page, ten-paragraph internet templates don’t function effectively in most businesses.

A cover letter should never reiterate information from a CV. That will only waste their time and prevent them from getting the interview.

Here are some more resources for cover letters to aid you:

If You Want to Make Your Job Application Stand Out, Do Something Different

The bottom line is that if you submit your online job applications in the same way as everyone else, you won’t stand out and get seen.

The following job application advice may require a little bit more work, but it will be worthwhile. Employers appreciate candidates that go above and above the minimum standards since it implies that you’ll maintain this mentality when they hire you.

So use the steps above (that most job seekers aren’t using) and you will get your job application noticed more often, so you can get more interviews and find a job much faster.

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