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About how far in advance to apply for jobs before moving, I got the following letter from a reader (personal information changed):

I’ll be relocating from New York to Austin, Texas, in June. I’m a registered nurse. When should I begin submitting resumes for Texas jobs? I should start applying now in January, according to a buddy, but I’m afraid that most businesses won’t be able to foresee their demands until later, perhaps not until June.

How Far In Advance Should You Apply For Jobs?

Okay, here is the deadline for employment applications…

In conclusion, I’d advise beginning 3–4 months before you anticipate requiring a job. This might vary greatly depending on the city’s economy and how in-demand your skill set is.

Given that nurses typically have a little issue locating interested employers, I actually advised the reader above to give it no more than 2-3 months.

Start with a lead time estimate of 3 to 4 months and adjust accordingly based on your industry and the size of the company you are considering (large companies often have a longer and more complicated hiring process).

Note: You may require significantly more time for senior-level or upper management positions. Depending on your level of experience, use your best judgment. However, the remainder of the advice is still applicable.

What Happens If You Apply For Jobs Too Early Or Too Late?

Hopefully, the information above has assisted you in determining when to apply for jobs.

But as you can undoubtedly tell, it’s not a precise science. It’ll require some speculation.

So let’s look at what happens if you time things incorrectly to make the choice easier. You’ll have a clearer understanding of the dangers as a result, which will aid in decision-making.

Here’s What Happens If You Apply For Jobs Too Early

If you begin much earlier than necessary, you won’t have intensity or attention. You’ll feel secure and just go through the motions without any sense of urgency. Time waster.

Additionally, if you begin your job hunt too soon, you run the danger of turning off numerous employers who won’t wait that long for you.

If you had applied two months later, you could have received a terrific response, but because you did so in January, your resume was placed in the “hold” pile and you never heard back (documents get misplaced, HR staff aren’t always reliable, etc.).

When you apply very early, you run the danger of disqualifying yourself from consideration by some employers who may have given you significant consideration if you were prepared to start within a few months.

The simple option, and the reason I offered the suggestions above, is to hold off applying for the job until you’re around two to three months away from requiring it.

Here’s What Happens If You Apply For Jobs Too Late

This is a little clearer. You run the danger of not having a job lined up by the goal date if you start too late. Depending on how late you started your search, you might have a few interviews scheduled or maybe none at all.

You must ultimately compare the dangers of both. Do you have a sizable amount of savings and don’t mind going unemployed for a while? Will you relish the opportunity to take a break and carefully do a stress-free job search? Begin a little later.

Do you prioritize having a job lined up of some kind on your target date, no matter what? Start sooner and send out several different job applications.

What You Should Do When It’s Time To Start Applying For Jobs:

Here are a few additional pointers and resources for your job hunt now that you are aware of how long in advance you should submit an application:

When it’s time to submit your applications, go all out on your job search. total effort Apply for jobs daily.

Apply through job boards, LinkedIn, company websites, and by emailing or submitting your resume through their “careers” page.

This is why I advise against starting your search with only 5–6 months to go. You’ll put in less than your best effort and spend a few minutes per week casually hunting for work.

It is preferable to wait a little bit before putting in your best effort a few months in advance.

Therefore, while choosing when to begin your job hunt, utilize the aforementioned criteria.

When you do apply, use the additional resources listed above to assist you to get more interviews.

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