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int i=10;


ANS: compiler dependent


printf(“Enter two values a and b:”):



ANS: core dumped

Q3Question on WM_SIZE


Q4When destroy window what message would display


Q5S Windows 3.1 about multitasking

ANS: nonpre-emptive

Q6Windows 3.1 is

ANS: Application

Q7About switch switch statement


Q8Question paper the first question ans is

ANS: cant be compiled

Q9About send messages and post messages

ANS: c

Q10.What is the command to initiate the windows

ANS: Win Main

Q11What is the difference between the above tow?.

const char *

char * const

Q12. In Unix inter process communication take place using?.

Q13. What are the files in /etc directory?.

Q14. About i-node numbers

Q15. Max relaxable permission value with out giving write permission to others?

Q16. About ln (linking)

Q17. A question on until

until (who |grep mary)




Q18. Linking across directories?.

Q19. Process id for kernel process

Q20. Very first process created by kernel

Q21. Function to repaint a window immediately?.

Q22. Function entry for DLL in win3.1

Q23. Win 3.1 supports which type of multi tasking?.

Q24. Message displayed when a window is destroyed

Q25. About fork()?

Q26. About send message and post message

Q27. Message to limit the size of window

Q28. System call executable binary file into a process

Q29. About GDI object?.

Q30. API used to hide window

Q31. Initialize contents of a dialog?.

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