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On LinkedIn, your headline is the first step in getting seen (and getting interviews).

After your name, it’s the first thing people see.

When you leave a comment on a post… When your profile shows up in search results (and recruiters ARE CONSTANTLY SEARCHING LinkedIn), Alternatively, when a recruiting manager looks through your profile before speaking with you.

Many hiring managers still look at your profile even if you didn’t use LinkedIn to apply!

As a result, you must do your best to impress.

We’ll look at some of the best LinkedIn headline examples for job searchers in this article, along with writing tips.

How to Write a LinkedIn Headline for Job Searching

The most effective LinkedIn headlines for job searching have a few characteristics. When they:

  • Display your knowledge and talents (what do you do?)
  • Include employment titles from the past or present, if they pertain to the current positions you’re pursuing.
  • Tell a prospective employer what you can provide and why they should be interested.
  • Include at least one term, whether a job title or another keyword, that describes the kind of employment you’re looking for.
  • (Optional) Show off something distinctive in your LinkedIn profile to stand out. Perhaps it’s a particular success. or a prize. Maybe it’s a hobby or a passion. You’ll notice some of this in the upcoming samples of LinkedIn headlines.

Now that we’ve covered 12 formulas, let’s move on to samples of LinkedIn headlines for job seekers so you can design your own headline and land more interviews.

The Best LinkedIn Headline for Entry-Level Job Seekers and Recent Grads

I would suggest utilizing the following headline formula if you are a recent graduate looking for a job and have no previous work experience:

Recent _ graduate with a focus in, and _

LinkedIn Headline Example for Fresh Graduates:

Recent Finance graduate with a focus in financial analysis, reporting, and auditing

However, if you’re a recent grad with any relevant work experience—including an internship or part-time employment—I’d advise promoting it with any of the previously discussed LinkedIn headline formulas.

Employers will be interested in and value that REAL experience. So feel free to utilize any of the headlines we’ve previously discussed.

FYI: I recently prepared an article with the top 3 jobs for fresh graduates if you recently graduated and are unsure of what professional route to choose.

LinkedIn Headline Examples for Job Seekers with Experience

Then, if you have professional experience, I’ll give you many powerful headline samples for your LinkedIn profile. I’ll outline the general formula or template for each and then provide samples of how they would appear in actual LinkedIn profiles.

Finally, I’ll describe each headline’s strategy and the kind of job seeker it works best for (fresh graduate, experienced candidate, career-changer, etc.)

1. Role | Specific Achievement

LinkedIn Headline Examples:

B2B Inside Sales Rep | $2.4MM generated in 2018
Digital Ads Manager | 5 Years Experience Managing 7-figure ad budgets

For job searchers with demonstrable prior results, this is a strong LinkedIn headline.

Additionally, don’t disregard this because you aren’t in sales.

If you take the time to consider it, you can typically quantify your work in ANY job.

for instance How many pieces of material, if you’re a writer, have you produced?

What number of users did you assist each week if you worked in tech support? In addition, how many requests did you fulfill?

One of the finest LinkedIn headlines for job searchers is this one since nothing beats concrete results or evidence when it comes to persuading a potential employer that you’d excel in their position.

2. Role | Years of Experience in Industry | Fun Fact to Stand Out

Headline Examples:

Human Resources Manager | 10+ Years of People Experience | Disneyland Annual Passholder
Senior Manufacturing Engineer | 6+ Years in GMP Manufacturing | Cat fanatic

This formula for a LinkedIn headline is a terrific approach to include several keywords relevant to the kind of job you’re considering (so you can be found in LinkedIn searches), as well as to add some personality.

One of the finest LinkedIn headlines for candidates with at least a few years of experience is this one.

This recipe was created by Kyle Elliot of

3. Role | Industry/Expertise | Unique Value You Bring

LinkedIn Headline Examples:

Director of HR at Oracle | Software Technology | Certified HR Trainer
R&D Scientist at Pfizer | Oncology Research | Science Blogger

The author of this formula is career counselor Madeline Mann.

Similar to the second example of a LinkedIn headline above, with one significant difference:

Your industry, not your years of experience, is the main focus of the middle portion.

Thus, for job searchers with less experience but experience from the same industry as the one in which they are now seeking positions, this may be a preferable option.

4. Role | Helping _ (type of company) do _ (result)

Headline Example:

Social Media Manager | Helping software start-ups manage and grow their social media to drive more sales

The formula below uses the same general concept but is significantly more straightforward. I suggest using the following title for consultants, coaches, and independent contractors on LinkedIn:

5. I help _ (type of company) do _ (desired result)

LinkedIn Headline Example for Freelancers:

I help coaches and consultants generate an additional $10,000-20,000 per month via video ads

On her LinkedIn profile, career coach Sarah Johnston uses a variation of this headline.

She handed me this formula when I inquired if she had one.

sarah johnston linkedin headline career coach

6. What you do/how you meet someone’s pain point | Keyword 1 | Keyword 2 | Keyword 3

Example Headline:

I help manufacturers become more efficient through process engineering | GMP-Certified | Project Manager | CQE

The keywords should be things a hiring manager or recruiter would type into a search engine to find someone with your qualifications.

I also utilize free internet keyword analytic tools to choose the best keywords, Sarah continued. For instance, I used to refer to myself as a “job search strategist,” but a keyword search revealed that “career coach” is a more popular term. I’ve noticed a 30–40% rise in LinkedIn search appearances since changing my language.

No matter which of these LinkedIn headlines you choose to use for your job search, it is a crucial recommendation to heed.

7. <Role/Job Title> specializing in ____, ____, and ____

Headline Example:

Content Marketing Strategist specializing in press releases, blog content, and social media

This is a really straightforward formula that places your job title or primary keyword right at the top of your profile, where it will be seen right away.

Recruiters and hiring managers who are looking for the skill set you emphasize will click more often as a result (in the example above, Content Marketing).

Following that, you have the chance to add more keywords and highlight your BEST qualities throughout the remainder of the headline.

Your chances of being found and clicked on in searches for those keywords have increased.

8. X Years of Experience in _ | Helping companies _

Headline Examples:

5+ Years of experience in software product management | Helping tech companies grow and deliver outstanding mobile and web applications
8 years of experience in customer support for multiple Fortune-500 companies | Helping global brands deliver an outstanding customer experience

Similar to headline example #2 from before, this one starts with your years of experience and then explains just how you’re assisting businesses in expanding or succeeding (which is important if you want them to see why they should hire you instead of someone else).

This is a strong LinkedIn headline formula for you if you consider your level of experience to be one of your greatest strengths or distinguishing qualities.

9. Area of Expertise #1 & Area of Expertise #2

Headline Examples:

Creative Advertising Expert & Digital Marketing Strategist
Engineering Team Lead & Project Management Professional

When demonstrating to employers why you are the greatest candidate for the job, sometimes less is more.

This headline technique is easy to use and powerful if you have experience performing the precise work that an employer needs. Simply choosing your top two work-related abilities or areas of expertise that are applicable to the next position you’re seeking to land and declaring those two areas in your LinkedIn headline, clutter-free, is all that is required.

This is one of the best possibilities to take into consideration if you’re searching for a brief, straightforward headline for your job search.

10. LinkedIn Headline Formulas 8 & 9: (If you insist on saying “Actively Seeking…”)

11. <Role> seeking a ___ opportunity

12. <Role> looking for opportunities in ___ (specific area)


“Certified Public Accountant (CPA) seeking a management opportunity”
“Financial analyst looking for opportunities in the private sector”

In this manner, in addition to stating that you are “actively exploring opportunities,” your title will at least convey something about your area of expertise and the kind of position you are a good fit for.

Never just state in your LinkedIn headline that you are looking for opportunities.

Should You Say “Actively Seeking Opportunities” in Your LinkedIn Headline?

You may have noticed that the words “actively exploring for chances” have not been in ANY of the LinkedIn headline examples to date.

Here’s why I don’t believe posting this on LinkedIn as a job seeker is a good idea.

First off, other than the fact that you are unemployed and in need of employment, this says absolutely nothing.

LinkedIn headline for job seekers - mistake to avoid

Second – the most qualified and in-demand job candidates never include this. They have many opportunities, employers are vying for them, etc.

They, therefore, carry out a covert, stealth employment search.

Even while you may not yet be inundated with job offers and interviews, you nevertheless want to appear as though you are. You want to present yourself as a sought-after employment candidate!

The OPPOSITE of doing this is announcing to the world that you are actively looking for work.

If you must do this, at the very least include a few keywords and specify the precise role you’re searching for. Here’s an illustration.

How to Choose the Right Keywords For Your LinkedIn Headline

If you’re looking for a job, you want recruiters to find you.

Therefore, regardless of the formula or example, you use above, attempt to come up with industry-specific keywords that can be included in your LinkedIn headline.

Avoid using general terms like “Experienced Leader” and focus instead on hard skills and niche expertise relevant to the roles you’re looking for.

Technical terms or particular areas of work within your sector may be mentioned.


  • HTML
  • Content Marketing
  • GMP Manufacturing
  • Audit Compliance
  • Sales Prospecting
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Phone Customer Service
  • HR Compensation and Benefits
  • Etc.

Every job applicant should be aware of this, but those who are switching occupations or industries should be especially aware.

Include the search terms that employers are using in your NEXT ideal job description.

One More Tip – Your LinkedIn Headline For Job Searching Doesn’t Need to Include Your Last Job Title

As you may have seen, many of the headline formulas/templates above have a space where you can describe your position or primary area of expertise.

There is no requirement that this is your precise job title, though.

You may, for instance, provide the titles of the positions you’re interested in.

Alternatively, if your title is uncommon (for example, “Client Happiness Manager”), you can replace it with a name that is more well-known. (This will also give your LinkedIn headline a more pertinent term.)

Therefore, bear this in mind as you create your own LinkedIn headline for job searching using the examples above.

Instead of focusing on what your former company chose to call your previous role, consider the keywords and titles that your prospective employer will want to see.

What To Do Next: Write Your Own LinkedIn Headline for Job Hunting

Now is the time to use this knowledge!

Try entering your information into some of the aforementioned LinkedIn headline examples on paper or in a blank document on your computer to determine which ones you favor.

Create three to five catchy headlines that appeal to you, then return the next day to see which one stands out (taking a day off after writing is a great way to return with a fresh viewpoint!)

Go ahead and edit your LinkedIn profile now!

You will have a headline for your LinkedIn profile that stands out in your job hunt and leads to more interviews if you use the aforementioned guidelines.

Here is everything I advise adding to your LinkedIn profile as a job seeker if you need help updating the rest of it.

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