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We are the future of modern luxury

We are the pioneers in creating the next generation of outstanding vehicles, founded on modern luxury. Each and every one of us is shaping the exceptional with soul. We are reimagining the driving of tomorrow and redefining what’s possible.

We are the future of the movement

We can’t wait to see what you can do with us.

Software Engineering

Automobiles are becoming more and more reliant on software every year and modern Jaguar Land Rover vehicles feature the most advanced technology in the industry. Before drivers get in our cars, the software identifies their key fob and unlocks the vehicle. During the journey, the software supports their driving via stability and assistance systems and provides a welcoming and refined user experience through infotainment. Software is also crucial to our new electric propulsion systems – making our software engineers crucial to the future of Jaguar Land Rover.

As a software graduate, you will rotate through multiple departments over two years, giving you a well-rounded understanding of the business. You will operate alongside experienced engineers will who guide and support your growth as you become a key member of the software engineering community.

You will have four placements over your two-year program. Your first six-month placement will be with your ‘home’ team, where you will probably work after completing your training. This will be assigned to you based on your skills, interests, and preferences.

On the Software Engineering Graduate Programme – West Midlands, you could work in one of the following departments: Engineering Body Chassis (EBC), Digital Products Platform (DPP), Engineering Powertrain (EP), Engineering Vehicle (EV), Engineering Operations (EO), or Engineering Research (ER). You will be allocated to a department based on personal preferences and business needs.

Engineering Body Chassis (EBC)

The Engineering Body Chassis team is responsible for most of what you see and touch in our cars. We work closely with design studios to translate award-winning concepts into engineering reality, factoring in performance, manufacturability, sustainability, cost, and weight. Our remit spans lids, doors, structures, cabin and safety, cockpit, climate, seats, exteriors, lighting, glazing, and roofs.

In short, we provide everything necessary for a great driving experience, including motion control systems for every situation. From axles to steering, brakes to suspension, we make it happen. You will be personally responsible for developing real-world engineering solutions – quickly gaining all the skills for a fast-moving engineering career.

Digital Products Platform (DPP)

Software is a key component of our future cars as the amount of technology in vehicles continues to increase to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Our DPP team uses iterative and concurrent engineering approaches to deliver real innovation, harnessing a wealth of techniques including model-based software development and directly writing code. You could be involved in creating this code or providing support and guidance to our suppliers to ensure we deliver robust products and satisfying user experiences. In the process, you could find yourself implementing elastic cloud-based infrastructures, utilizing infrastructure as code, and deploying a variety of scripting languages that will deliver the tools and environment for large software teams. Alternatively, you could undertake low-level software development to ensure our in-vehicle computer systems provide the best balance of performance, using boot charts, balancing processor core loading, and refining fast-boot processes.

Engineering Powertrain (EP)

Software forms the brains of our vehicles. Through our in-house software development, we directly influence customers’ experiences every time they use our vehicles. Utilizing our agile methodology, automated toolchain, and over-the-air deployment, your work will impact real customers immediately. From day one, you will work on live projects with the support of your team, which could include developing high voltage chargers, DevOps, or battery management software algorithms.

Engineering Vehicle (EV)

The cars we create balance aesthetics, customer needs, performance, and environmental impact. To do that requires the application of advanced tools and technology along with engineering know-how and scientific insight. Few careers give you this profoundly satisfying balance between every day and the exceptional.

The function integration team is responsible for the end-to-end coordination and delivery of all the electronic functions that customers see, feel, and use in our cars. These functions extend beyond the vehicle into the offboard domain for features like electric vehicle charging, remote vehicle control, and Amazon Alexa. During vehicle development, all the ECU software streams hosting or contributing to these functions must be carefully planned and implemented to ensure they come together correctly and at the required time.

Engineering Operations (EO)

Engineering Operations underpins technical innovation and product delivery with engineering delivery, tools, processes, and specialist technical services to create our world-class products. We are a diverse team that harnesses a variety of skill sets, from information management and data analytics to building and testing prototypes.

We are fundamentally involved at every stage of the engineering process and are driving an exciting transformation in the way we engineer and deliver our products with class-leading technology and

quality. You could find yourself operating within the central business office, product engineering, laboratory, or chassis dyno, working as a software engineer, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software transformation engineer, or simulation and controls systems engineer.

Engineering Research (ER)

In reimagining the future of the movement, we’re putting software engineers in the driving seat where they can steer advancing technology in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), infotainment, or electric propulsion.

Engineering Research is an exciting department to work in: we are looking into the future and trying to map what is going to be happening in the world as we identify unmet customer needs and evaluate the technology landscape to deliver innovative products and services.

What’s required?

You will need to hold or be on track to achieve at least a 2.2 degree in software engineering, computer science, cyber engineering, or a related discipline.

You will have a real passion for problem-solving and the curiosity to understand business challenges and deliver innovative solutions. You will also have strong numerical and interpersonal skills and the confidence to champion new initiatives.

Rewards and benefits

We haven’t yet confirmed our 2023 graduate program salary, but in 2024 this was £29,000. You’ll also receive a £2,000 joining bonus to welcome you to Jaguar Land Rover, plus a generous holiday allowance, a discounted car purchase and lease scheme for you and your family, an excellent pension scheme, and access to a wide range of deals and discounts from retailers and sports clubs.

Apply now

You will use your innovation and creativity to the full every day as you develop all the skills for a fast-moving career. With ongoing support from industry-leading experts, backed by continual learning opportunities, you’ll quickly realize that our programs are as inspiring as the vehicles you’ll help to create.

Please be aware that we close our programs at any point and on short notice based on the volume of applications. Please apply early to give yourself the best chance of being considered for a place in this program.

Program Duration: 2 years.

Location: Gaydon, Whitley, or The National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC) at Warwick University.

Hybrid working is potentially available, depending on the area and manager.

Jaguar Land Rover is a multi-site business and you’ll be required to spend time working with different departments at several locations. Once you’ve completed your graduate program, you can look forward to a long-term career with us. The role you take on will depend on your performance, personal preferences, and business needs.

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APPLY BY: 30.11.2024

LOCATIONS: Gaydon, Whitley, Warwick

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