Best Day and Time to Apply for a Job Online

Best Day and Time to Apply for a Job Online.

What day is the best to apply for a job, you wonder? What about the ideal time of day to submit a job application online?

Good news! Here’s everything you need to know based on our research:

The Best Time to Apply for Jobs Online:

(See the following section for the ideal day to submit a job application. This section explains when to submit your application if you want to increase the likelihood that you’ll be contacted for an interview.

We advise either the evening (after regular work hours) or the early morning as the optimum times to submit online job applications. In this manner, your application will reach the HR representative or recruiter early in the day when they are less busy.

While there is a good chance they will put off and possibly forget about it if you send your email at 4 or 5 PM as they are getting ready to leave. Or perhaps they’ll be too preoccupied to look.

The optimum times to apply for employment are so early in the day or late at night after work. Try to avoid the afternoon.

However, the application deadline is significantly more crucial. So let’s have a look at that…

The Best Day to Apply for Jobs Online:

Okay, we know when to apply, but which day is optimal for job applications? It’s Monday, according to a survey by the job-matching website (which has since been acquired by LinkedIn).

In-depth research revealed that 30% of applicants who submitted applications on Mondays were given an interview. Although it may not seem like much, that is the highest of any day of the week. Therefore, the optimum day to apply online is Monday.

Your best bet if you are applying on Monday is to email your application as soon as possible so that it is the first thing the recruiter sees when they open their desk.

If you struggle in the mornings, submit it late on Sunday night. It will be one of the first things they read, either way.

The ideal day to apply for employment is Monday, but if you can’t, Tuesday is a close second. Indeed, other websites, including and Business Insider, believe Tuesday would be preferable to Monday.

According to, Tuesdays are the days on which businesses post the most job openings. If you want to see what additional justifications they provided, click on the two links up top.

But in my perspective, reading job advertising, customizing your resume, and preparing the application all require time. Therefore, even though Tuesday is the day when most positions are advertised, we still believe Monday is the ideal day to actually hit the “submit” button and submit your resume. If not, you have Tuesday or Wednesday night to consider (after finding the job postings Tuesday).

In case you were wondering, Saturday was the worst day according to the analysis. Only 14% of applicants who submitted applications on Saturdays were contacted for interviews.

You’ll be alright if you stay with Monday or Tuesday in the end. These two days appear to be the ideal ones for submitting an online application, according to our study and numerous other websites.

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