Subject Lines for Job Applications

The best subject lines for job applications are clear, direct, and professional-sounding.

You shouldn’t be too casual or ambiguous, and you should always mention the position you’ve applied for. Beyond that, though, try to make the subject line as short and straightforward as you can.

On applications, lengthy, overly complex email subject lines are unnecessary because their sole purpose is to get the reader to open your email and view your resume or any attachments.

In the next section, I’ll demonstrate with examples how to write your subject lines for job applications to get your email opened and secure more interviews throughout your job search.

9 Good Subject Lines for Job Applications

Good examples of subject lines for mailing a résumé or submitting any kind of email job application are all of the following:

  • Resume attached for Senior Sales Associate position
  • Applying for Senior Sales Associate role
  • Application: Customer Support Supervisor
  • Social Media Manager application
  • Re: Social Media Manager position (application)
  • Resume attached (HR Coordinator position)
  • Application for HR Coordinator position

The objective is for these subject line examples to stand out in the reader’s inbox and get opened right away.

You can use any of the forms shown in the aforementioned samples, so select the one that best suits your needs and the circumstances of your industry, and your resume will have a catchy subject line.

If one is given, you can additionally include a job ID. For instance:

  • Applying for Sales Associate (Job ID #29225)
  • Job ID 297128: application

Mention Referrals or any other Connection to the Hiring Manager When Possible

The email subject lines mentioned above are excellent for sending generic job applications to openings you discovered online.

You can be more particular in your subject, though, if you were introduced to a company by a friend or have some other connection to the business or hiring manager.

Make the most of that link to attract recruiting managers’ attention.

For instance, consider the scenario where James, a buddy of yours, informs you, “I know the hiring manager in the finance department at ABC Company. I believe he is still seeking candidates. If you’d like, I can send you his email address.

If you wanted to apply for that job, you would send an email directly to the hiring manager and use one of the following subject lines:

  • James Anderson referred me for the position of Financial Analyst
  • Financial Analyst resume (referred by James Anderson)

If the hiring manager knows James, that will immediately catch their attention and set you apart from other job candidates who are unable to convey this kind of personal connection in their email subject.

In addition, hiring managers will be more likely to interview you if they can refer you to businesses and employment in general. If someone in their network recommends you, a hiring manager will always have a little more faith in you.

Although it’s not a guarantee, being referred is a terrific approach to give yourself an edge.

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Email Subject Line for Job Applications

Don’t be too Vague in the Subject

Your email may be ignored or regarded as spam if the subject line of your job application is too ambiguous.

For instance, emails with subject lines like “Resume submission” or “Resume attached” are more likely to be lost in the shuffle and forgotten about altogether.

Therefore, you should create an email subject line that is a little distinctive but not too long or difficult. The best method to phrase a subject line for a job application is as stated.

Don’t Capitalize Each Word in Your Job Application Subject Line

I frequently notice this error in email subject lines. Avoid capitalizing each word. To the reader, it appears “spammy.”

If you’re using your formal work title in your email, capitalize that as well. Otherwise, keep the rest of the words lowercase (unless they’re pronouns that must be capitalized, like a company name).

Double-Check the Job Title

Just be sure to always use the appropriate job title for that organization if you’re sending out a lot of job applications by email and copying and pasting information across emails.

If you contact hiring managers when looking for a job at their company and include a job title from another organization, they won’t be pleased.

Make Sure the Employer Doesn’t Ask for a Specific Subject Line

Check the company website (on the page where you discovered the job posting or HR information) before sending your job application email to see if there are any specific instructions for the subject line they want you to use.

Sometimes an employer may specify exactly what information you need to provide with your application, and the company will not be happy if you didn’t follow their directions.

When you apply for jobs, employers care a lot about your ability to follow instructions and pay attention to detail, so if they ask you to use a particular subject line, make sure you utilize it.

Even if the remainder of your email and resume is excellent, failing to do so could result in you losing out on job interviews.

You should keep that in mind while you choose a subject for your job applications. You may have a great email topic that gets your job applications opened and reviewed, leading to more interviews, if you use the advice above.

Conclusion: The Best Subject for Job Applications

The ideal email subject lines for job applications are brief and to the point, but they should also include the job title, job ID, or other pertinent information so that the employer understands why you are emailing.

Additionally, mention in your email subject whether you were suggested to a hiring manager or business by someone they know if you want a quicker response to your employment query.

Use the email subject line samples from earlier in the article instead to increase the likelihood that your job application will be viewed and read, leading to more interviews and a faster time to employment.

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